Humanzilla is a boutique software agency,  and we care a lot about improving the understanding of how making great products depends on business principles, team development, technical skills, leadership, entrepreneurship, and ethics.

We start writing this blog with a lot in mind. We hope some of you might be interested in the technical side of building products and the soft skills of growing a team.

Our business posts, will be most often about Startups and how to scale, but we have found a deep care about making traditional companies, and governments acquire the skills of a fast-paced startup while keeping their own culture.

On the Technical posts, will always have a fundamental goal, promote open source and community culture; our own grown is thanks to this culture. Also, we enjoy the art and elegance of great coding.

So we hope you’ll subscribe and give us your attention, and follow along with us our attempts to understand better how great products are made. And for that we are thankful.

~ Mario Cesar (Humanzilla’s founder)